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Four categories of videos allow you to set your own pace, but help keep you moving forward to accomplish your goals. After each course, there's a comprehensive test before you gain your mastery badge in that category.

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Focused course material

We want you to succeed so we give you everything we know you might need. We've all been in those classes where the teacher drones on—this isn't that. We've taught this material for so many years that we've kept exactly what you need to be a fantastic nanny without adding fluff.  


Step-by-step instructions, tips, practical solutions, stories...these videos have a bit of it all.


Each section has a test you need to pass in order to earn a badge in that category. Once you pass, your new skills will be reflected in your bio on the directory (if you purchase that subscription.)


Download extra resources included in the course to help you in your small business success


Whether it's in our facebook group, or consultation calls, or through email, we got you!

Industry-leading classes

Our foundation for success comes from the expertise of our industry -leading instructors

A Sneak Peek of Some Topics

You've heard of nannies and maybe have even been one yourself. But what is a night nanny and how are they different? Get an overview this and learn a bit more what this new job looks like.

What sudden situations could arise while you're in charge and what can you do about it? This gives tips and tricks and lets you know just where the boundaries of nanny and medical care lie.

It's one thing to be trained on how to be a nanny, but it's another to know how to land the job, time and again. Our business basics module gives many tips for those starting out as independent contractors.

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Industry leading instructors
Rachel and Wendy have been in the business for a combination of over 25 years. Learn from their experience, laugh with them over some of their trials, and gain insight to help you grow as a night nanny.
Tried, tested & optimized material
Videos are shot and edited with you in mind. With several hours of content, there's enough information for you to be a highly successful nanny. But the point isn't for you to be sitting in front of a computer, it's to be snuggling babies. With that in mind, we curated the content to keep it fast-paced, enabling you to move forward.

Two payment options


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or $100  down

And then $100 per month for 2 months.

Total Cost-$300

Parents, you can opt to pay for a drug screen + background check
for a specific nanny.

Master Classes coming SOON

Interested in adding more badges to your nanny profile? We've got sleep coaching classes and others in the works and can let you know as soon as they're available.